Evg of December 12, 2015:  aaand here I am again, at the stage of incipient burnout.  Therefore, despite any rumors you may have heard to the contrary, I’ve decided I won’t be doing any blog or other online updates, (excepting perhaps, the odd book review for amazon), for the forseeable future.  Hopefully I’ll be back again one day, maybe later on next year, maybe not.  Thanks for your interest.  But for now….


May 26, 2015 update:  “To the woman whose reach is always greater than her grasp.”  That’s what the Dale Carnegie sales course director said as he handed me my certificate. Decades later, I still can’t figure out how he knew, but, I concede the truth of it hasn’t changed much in all those years.  Which is why I have to take an extended break now, from blogging, Facebook,  and all that.  Maybe I’ll be back in the fall.  I just thought I’d let you know, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for updates that aren’t going to appear here.  Take care, have a nice summer.   And thanks for your interest in my scribbles.  🙂

“Roadside flowers in Old Baylor Park at morning in mist. Independence, Texas, April 7, 2008 by Alexey Sergeev at  http://www.asergeev.com/pictures/archives/list.htm  ;  picture frame clip art by http://eveyd.deviantart.com/  ;  The poem ‘April and Silence’ was translated by Michael McGriff and Mikaela Grassl, from their edition of  Tomas Tranströmer’s collection ‘The Sorrow Gondola.’



December 20, 2014 update:  I am in the processing of acquiring additional materials on runes and their historical contexts, some quite rare.  I will be sharing considerably more material on runes, and topics related in the coming new year, mostly on a new page intended to function as appendices to my rune page and my two pages on the medieval Icelandic poem known as ‘Hrafnagaldur Odinns,’ or, Odin’s raven-magic song.  Still have plans to translate more Turkish Sufi literature in 2015 as well.  When I get the appendices up, I will post a link here.  Until then, stay well, eh…






5 Responses to About

  1. We have a documentary that will be airing on CBC about dissociative identity disorder. Would like to send you information about when it airs. Could you please send me your email address? Also, if you’d like you can go to our website http://www.bountiful.ca and join our mailing list, our Facebook page, etc.

    Caroline Butler

    • marnietunay2 says:

      Hi there, Caroline, I’ve just migrated this site, so am taking awhile to find everything. looks like my documents got lost in space somewhere. I took a quick look at your site, long enough to decide to approve your comment.

      my email address is fakirscanada@shaw.ca Yes do send me info, I will post it on my myspace profile which is where I am most active these days online:

      Thanks for stopping by, Caroline. I will come visit your site, soon, I hope.

  2. Wazlegov says:

    I like that Fakirs is perceived as “Fuckes”.

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