SOURCES CITED For Vǫluspá’s Gullveig, Heiðr and narrator: one, two or three?

May 15, 2020:  I decided to create a new page with the sources, so that the sources will immediately precede the two forthcoming blog-posts on Vǫluspá.  Here is a link to that page:


March 26, 2020:  Oh, yeah.  Don’t pay any attention to the list of sources cited below, folks.  It’s due to be replaced very soon, a couple of weeks from now maybe, by another one, for two upcoming blog-posts on Vǫluspá.  Later, notes for the two blog-posts will also be added.  The first blog-post will discuss my sources and a few critical points regarding the poem; the second will be a walk-through the poem with a view to opening up the paradigms of possible meaning.  We will never know who the poet was or what they intended, but I hope to show a range of possibilities based on what can be known.

Like everyone else, I am working in within the difficult circumstance of COVID 19 and its attendant ramifications, but I am working on it.  Thank you for your interest in my writings.


It’s commminnng… As I write this, the last source I have in mind to cite for my upcoming blog-post on Gullveig & Co is  SKIÐARIMA, by Theo Homan, a copy of which is crossing the border from Illinois post-haste.  As is my wont for lengthy posts, I am publishing the list of sources separately.  I am confident that the last year’s intensive study and thought will pay off in a plausible and original model for the three elements in the poem I have named in the title.

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Saga Sverris konúngs

Sögur Noregs konúnga frá Magnúsi Berfætta til Magnúss Erlíngssonar

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