‘Sink your bottom down’ Robin Camp: what Does it take to remove a judge in Alberta?

I have on occasion written about Alberta Court of Appeals judgments I consider to have been really bad ones:  https://marnietunay2.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/dalla-lana-v-university-of-alberta-2013-abca-327/  and https://marnietunay2.wordpress.com/alberta-injustice-failures-in-courts-and-government-public-accountability/  and the case of Justice Robin Camp is right up there with the worst of Alberta court judgments.

Oh, sure, there’s going to be a public inquiry, now, to see if he can keep his job.  A public inquiry in Canada usually means a wrist-slap, designed to satisfy the public that justice has been done even though usually it hasn’t.

Even more appalling than his comments in court to a complainant in a rape case:  repeatedly calling her the accused!  asking her why she didn’t ‘sink her bottom down in the sink to keep the defendant from penetrating her,’ asking her if she couldn’t keep her legs closed together,’ even more appalling than those outrageous remarks, is the fact that the sonofabitch was actually elevated to the Federal Court after the rape case (in which he, surprise, acquitted the defendant)!

How does a troglodyte like that not get immediately suspended from the bench for remarks like the ones he made to the unfortunate rape complainant?   How does he get promoted to a higher court after he makes those remarks?  Did they run out of recording tape in the clerk’s office, was there a problem with the issue of proving he made remarks no judge in Alberta should have ever made at any time in our history?

There will not be justice even if he gets removed; because he should have been removed the day after he made those statements.  That the justice system even thinks an inquiry is necessary to test the waters on the issue of his removal is an appalling indictment of the state of the courts in Alberta.  I’m ashamed of them.  Robin Camp wants to ‘apologize’ to keep his job now.  He says he’s had ‘sensitivity training.’  I will be furious and disgusted if the inquiry judges think that’s good enough reason to keep him on.  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/robin-camp-judge-close-knees-inquiry-1.3743554


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