WARNING: Don’t get involved in any way with Patrick Fox of Burnaby, B.C.

UPDATE  June 11, 2018:  Patrick Fox’s appeal against his conviction for criminally harassing his American wife and for the sentence he received, has been dismissed.  For oh so many reasons:  including starting up a new web-site to torment his ex-wife with and travelling to the U.S., again, both of which acts violated his probation:  https://theprovince.com/news/local-news/appeals-of-burnaby-man-convicted-of-harassing-ex-wife-dismissed/wcm/f7e1269a-ae65-4201-a857-9efe082ac88a


UPDATE November 10, 2017:  Patrick Fox has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison, for criminally harassing his ex-wife.  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/patrick-fox-burnaby-sentence-1.4397464  https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/11/10/bc-man-sentenced-to-4-years-for-harassing-ex-wife-through-revenge-website.html  The ‘mills of God’ and all that…  His is a kind of living spiritual death, which presents an element of the absurd to everyone else around him, who can see what he refuses to see.  ‘None so blind…’  Hopefully he’ll get some psychological help in prison.

UPDATE JUNE 28 at 23:15 EDM:  Today a jury has found Patrick Fox guilty of criminal harassment of his ex-wife.

“The individual was pretty calculating in order to come close to the [legal] line but not go over. What this does is it adjusts that line…”  David Fraser, an internet and privacy lawyer based out of Halifax at McInnes Cooper.”  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/patrick-fox-trial-desiree-capuano-trial-verdict-1.4181969

Nicely put.  I note that in the above article it is also alleged that a key piece of evidence was an email in which Patrick Fox admitted to his ex-wife that their son had asked him if he would ever shoot his mother, and Fox senior had replied that he would if he could get away with it.  I would say that remarks like that also constitute abuse and harassment of his son, and he deserves to lose custody for them, but, that’s just me.  The horrendous effect on his own son of the harassment visited on the boy’s mother doesn’t seem to have entered into the legal equation or into Patrick Fox’s head at all.  The man has zero empathy, clearly, for anyone but himself.  I hope he gets a prison sentence out of this, because I feel he is never going to understand what a terrible thing he did, not only to his ex-wife, but to his own child.


Update June 21 at 07:10 EDM:  According to CBC News today, Patrick Fox has now been charged in Canada with criminal harassment and a weapons offence, weeks after he was picked up by U.S. border agents in  Washington state on May 27:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/patrick-fox-web-charged-attack-revenge-porn-criminal-harassment-desiree-capuano-internet-1.3643686  I reckon his website on his ex-wife is not going to be long for this world now.


The man put the ‘V’ in ‘Vindictive,’ according to this article today in CBC:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/patrick-fox-web-attack-revenge-porn-criminal-harassment-desiree-capuano-internet-1.3444576

Patrick Fox, who would appear to match this linked-in profile in terms of residency time-lines:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickrfox  would make a cobra look like a kitty-cat, a viper like a valentine, a scorpion like a ray of sunshine.  This is nobody you would ever want to get into any kind of a relationship with.  It’s not going to end well.  If you see him on the street, you should probably cross over to the other side.  If you accidentally bumped into him, you’d be very sorry, is my call on it.

He admitted to the CBC that he wants to drive his ex-wife to kill herself, which is actually against the law, although those Arizona law enforcement slackers don’t appear to think so.  [Arizona appears to have a lot of cop problems…]  To say nothing of the police in B.C., who also seem not to have clued in that driving or attempting to drive people to kill themselves is now a prosecutable offence here, too.

I’ve seen Patrick Fox’s web-site regarding his ex-wife; it’s horrific and I’m not including a link here.

Here’s an article that offers a little bit more information on the timelines and residency history of the people involved:  http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/bc-mans-revenge-website-muses-about-killing-his-ex-but-law-ok-with-it

His ex-wife is a poster child for why some people need to be able to carry guns and to shoot them.

picture of saw-scaled viper courtesy of:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Shantanu_Kuveskar  picture of Patrick Fox from one via CBC, which seems to have become widely disseminated online.

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13 Responses to WARNING: Don’t get involved in any way with Patrick Fox of Burnaby, B.C.

  1. Your entire post is based on false information reported by the CBC and vice.com. Which they received from Desiree Capuano. Which has since been proven, on the website, from Capuano’s own court testimony and declarations, to be lies. Why is none of that mentioned?

    • Marnie Tunay says:

      Oh hello, Patrick. I’ve Seen that web-site you put up for your ex-wife. What that means is, with me, Your credibility is Zero. Moreover, the really important point in My blog-post is that you freely admitted to what amounts to a prosecutable offence in Both countries: your ex-wife’s, and ours here in Canada, namely, that you want to drive your ex-wife to kill herself. I note you don’t deny that’s what you did with the CBC. I hope they get you for that, and I’m sure they will. In the meantime, enjoy a taste of your own medicine, sonny-boy, from someone who Does understand the limits of the law quite well.

      • So, with all due respect, are you saying that even though it’s been proven that…. [allegations I consider to be unproven and slanderous edited out at this point by me, Marnie Tunay, at 12:31 PM on March 24, 2016] …. you would still defend her?

        I don’t expect anyone to take my word for anything – that’s why I post court documents, sworn declarations from [name of Patrick’s ex-wife edited out by Marnie Tunay at 12:33 PM on March 24, 2016], police reports, et cetera on the website.

        I think you don’t know as much about the law as you believe. I have not said anything that comes close to a threat or harassment. I have merely stated what I would “desire”, not what I “intend” to do. I’ve never stated that it is my intention to push [name of Patrick’s ex-wife edited out by Marnie Tunay at 12:32 PM on March 24, 2016] to commit suicide – only that I would consider it a good thing if she did. There is nothing illegal about saying what you would like to happen.

        [The name of Patrick’s wife, edited out by Marnie Tunay] has gone to the RCMP….. edited out by Marnie Tunay at 12:26 PM, March 24, 2016 on grounds the comment was slanderous]

        [subsequent comments which contain allegations unproven and slanderous to Patrick Fox’s ex-wife have been edited out at this point by Marnie Tunay at 12:28 PM, on March 24, 2016; I retain the original comment in full for any subsequent legal issues.] …..

        [End of comment and edit]

      • Marnie Tunay says:

        Wow. You must think I just fell off the potato truck, Mr. Fox. Here’s the video where you admit at 00:52 that your purpose is to “destroy” your ex-wife. Previous to that stellar moment, you tacitly admitted to blackmail, in my opinion, where you say that all your ex-wife has to do is to hand over the child and you’d be willing to “just put everything behind us.” Your reply above strengthens the conviction of any reasonable person, in my opinion, that you do in fact intend to drive your wife to kill herself. Nice try, Mr. Fox, at using ME of all people, to further your aims. …….


      • Blackmail is a bit of a stretch. You will notice the CBC very obviously spliced the video together, combining multiple statements to create a very misleading representation of such statements. You will also notice the question Natalie Clancy asked doesn’t actually match my response.

        Rather than relying exclusively on a clearly biased and carefully edited 4 minute section of a 1 hour video interview, why don’t you try looking at ALL the evidence? Why are you so opposed to considering the police reports and Desiree’s sworn testimony?

        By the way, do you mind if I post this exchange on the website – to show how some people refuse to accept reality even when it’s shoved in front of their face?

      • Marnie Tunay says:

        I don’t mind if you embed this exchange, Patrick Fox. I don’t even care what you say about me in connection with it. No reasonable person would give you any credence, in my opinion. Goodbye now.

  2. john hoover says:

    Richard, send me your email address, I got $20.00 to help with your legal bills!

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  4. Monster Cock says:

    Your an IDIOT Tunay. She got what she deserved.

  5. Monster Cock says:

    Loser tunay

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