Amber Tuccaro’s last phone call, the complete recording

July 12, 2017 at 16:56 EDM:  Several days ago, it was brought to my attention that the KARE link I gave in this post is no longer working.  Acting upon a query, I got in touch with the RCMP and when they didn’t answer soon enough to suit me, I emailed the Edmonton Police Service to find out where someone could report a tip on Amber’s case.  I’ve just been informed by a detective from the Edmonton Police Service homicide unit that the the RCMP Historical Homicide section is still in charge of Amber’s case.  He says further that “the Primary Investigator is away for a week on vacation” but that they will get back to you upon their return.  You can reach the RCMP via  or you can submit a tip anonymously at:


December 08, 2016 at 21:45 EDM:  “Amber Tuccaro loved to sing, and told her mom that one day her face would be on billboards.”  Amber was her mother’s only daughter, and she had a baby son.  Here is more about Amber Tuccaro and her family:   It was very good of the Edmonton Sun to leave it up after several years.  I’m amazed at the intense interest from all over the world that Amber’s murder has evidenced in the form of views on the video I uploaded.


March 10, 2016 at 11:53 AM:  I’m starting to see a disturbing pattern of comments on the video I uploaded to youtube regarding Amber Tuccaro.  Some people are pointing the finger at a particular individual and naming him.  One of those people today directed me to a facebook page where there are photos of the man in question.  Therefore, I have decided it’s now necessary for me to say clearly I don’t think that man is involved at all in the abduction and murder of Amber Tuccaro, and why I don’t believe he’s involved.  So here is the information with which I have just updated that video, a few minutes ago:

“March 10, 2016 update, 11:49 AM EDM:  I need to clarify something now. A number of people have mentioned a man named ‘Pat’ in connection with the murder of Amber Tuccaro. I didn’t know who this was and today is the first time I’ve seen a photo of the man they were talking about. I believe I have reason to think he had nothing whatsoever to do with the murder of Amber Tuccaro. And the reason I think that is that I believe I did see the man whose voice is on that tape, along with what is very likely, IMO, to have been his companion in the abduction and murder of Amber. I saw them where I used to work as a cashier, and I reported that to KARE. I am 95% certain I later saw both men at the Edmonton Public Library, going up an escalator and looking back at me, which caught the attention of my daughter before it did me unfortunately. In frustration at being unable to get KARE interested in the possible second sighting, I tracked down the original video, because I felt the one then embedded on the KARE web-site did not give the listener adequate time to focus on the voice and context. The guy ‘Pat?’ NOT EVEN CLOSE in appearance. So give it up people. Thanks for your interest.”



March 08, 2016 at 07:40:  Oh, yeah, I may have forgotten to mention:  there were two men in that car with Amber Tuccaro:  there are actually two distinct male voices on that tape.


June 08, 2015 at 10:25 AM:  P.S.  I don’t agree with the CBC’s posting of a cbc contact email at the end of their June 08 story regarding Amber Tuccaro, ” if you have any info contact the cbc.”  That’s not right.  If you have any info you should contact the RCMP or Project Kare:

Yes, I know the RCMP have made serious mistakes, but they’re still in charge of the inves-tigation.  It’s one thing to carp at the cops from the outside; it’s another thing to interfere with a police investigation by encouraging people to take their information elsewhere.

You can phone Project KARE, and they will get back to you.


June 08, 2015 update:  CBC news has posted a story today with  new information in connection with the murder of Amber Tuccaro just outside of Nisku, near Edmonton in August of 2010:  (And for the record, I am not one of the women mentioned in the report as having “ridden with” the man whose voice those women claim is the voice on the tape.)  According to that CBC report, the whole recording is over twenty minutes long.  The version of it I posted here (below) is not that long, but it’s considerably longer than the ninety or so seconds that the CBC has embedded in its report.

And, now I have to eat my words on the only other post on this site that refers to an active police investigation:  about how Canadian cops would never ever say that a woman who had clearly been at risk when she went missing was not in fact in any danger.  Not only did a cop say exactly that, with respect to Amber Tuccaro, the cops also apparently destroyed the poor woman’s belongings without informing her family.

There’s a “review,” now, by an RCMP Commissioner for public complaints.

Still sucks to be native in Canada.  😦



Thanks to metronews for publishing the complete recording of the last phone call Amber Tuccaro ever made just before she was murdered outside of Edmonton in August, 2010.

I can’t find the complete video on the RCMP’s project  KARE web-site anymore, just a severely edited version that, in my opinion, impedes the listener’s ability to focus on the voice.

Read Amber’s story here on metronews:



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9 Responses to Amber Tuccaro’s last phone call, the complete recording

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  2. Amanda Bixler says:

    I hear two males in the voice recording phonecall and they possible sound like cacausian men but I hear three voices, hers, the uknown male #1, and the other unknown male voice #2…………

  3. my heart keeps breaking, over this.

  4. AJ says:

    who wrote this.. how do i get ahold of the person that wrote they saw the male that was in the car with amber and his likely IMO.

  5. William says:

    Definitely an Alberta or northern BC accent. But I only heard one voice. Is there reason to believe it was two males? Could the other male be her brother on the phone?

    • Marnie Tunay says:

      You can tell the difference between an Alberta and a northern BC accent? Impressive. I believe I hear two voices on the tape, although I can barely hear the second one for a moment, because he gets cut off by the first one. But I could be wrong of course. I don’t think it’s her brother. I think she directs the question “Where are we going?” at 01:41 in the video to a Second person in the truck. And I think it’s that Second man who says the word “Just,” because his voice is Deeper than the voice of the first man. The first man says the same word, ‘just’ at 01:35 when he’s saying “we’re just north of Beaumont.” The first man’s voice is slightly higher-pitched and it drags out the word ‘just’ slightly. I think the first man is driving. His voice sounds slightly farther away than that of the second man’s. And then the second man says “back roads.’ He speaks without that odd drawl that the first man has, and he speaks more quickly. It wouldn’t be her brother because he would have no idea where she is, and the speaker of “back roads” is trying to come up with a rationale for why the truck is where it is when it doesn’t look to Amber like she’s headed into the city. The rest of the conversation is between Amber and the first man.

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