Alan John Miller, Mary Luck and the ‘Divine Truth’ cult

It was my daughter who brought Miller to my attention.  Her psychology teacher had taught a section on cult leaders and used Miller as an exemplar of the same.  Not hard to see why.  Alan John Miller claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated.  (Oh, where have you heard that one before…)  He knows squat about Christian doctrine, though.  For example, in this video  he says “There is no devil, no Satan:”   at 00:55.

And here:    he states at 00:22 that “demons are people who have lived on Earth…”

The Australian News Channel 7 did an illuminating documentary on Miller and Luck in its ‘Sunday Night’ series:  with cult experts Rev. David Milliken and Rick Ross.  Close to the end of that video Ross says at 21:49:  ““The idea that the group is coming together as a community and that Miller is developing a compound, in my opinion, is ominous.  Again and again historically, the most extreme expressions of cults have been in compounds…”

Jim Jones.  Branch Davidian.

Sydney Morning Herald reporter Matt Seigel met Miller, and came away unconvinced of the latter’s divinity:

In Miller’s approach, which is all about focusing on ’emotion,’ and “getting in touch with the pain,” he reminds me of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh:  who also claimed to be the reincarnation of a spiritual leader, namely, George Gurdjieff.

Ironically, in his lengthy video titled “Relationship with God:”   I neither saw nor heard the words ‘pray’ or ‘prayer.’

What I did see, however, in the video ‘What is the cause of all pain:”  is what the essence of Alan John Miller is all about, in my opinion:

It’s the first time in the video that he says:

“It’s only when they feel

“extreme pain…”



He actually calls himself a wizard on his youtube channel:

By their actions ye shall know them….  Bible, Matthew  7:16

Here’s a terse online summary of some more things you should know about ol ‘Jesus’ and ‘Mary Magdalene:”  if you’re thinking about getting involved with them.  I think it’s absolutely horrifying that he’s scooped up half a million dollars in donations and bought up a “compound” in Australia in which to sequester his group including children, whilst preaching about a coming apocalypse.  As one of Matt Seigel’s sources remarks to him:   “”When you keep making these predictions about Earth Changes and nothing happens, you’re painting yourself into a corner.  And, frankly, that scares me.””  Read more:

Those who don’t learn from the past….

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6 Responses to Alan John Miller, Mary Luck and the ‘Divine Truth’ cult

  1. SoulBodyPlanet says:

    Mr. Miller is not ignorant about the bible but merely stating what demons are, in a context completely separate from ‘interpretations’ of the Bible. If you pay attention to what he’s saying, he actually states he is in disagreement with the accuracy of the Bible. Demons from his perspective are souls with free will just like you and I . And just as you and I have free will, we have the ability to ‘choose’ to be evil and do evil . Therefore any human being can be a demon and degrade their soul to a condition so decrepit he/ she it becomes evil ,i.e. a ‘demon’.

    AJ Miller has no ‘compound’ or ‘community’ . It is just your fear and ignorance of the truth that wants to judge. What did the Bible say about judging others?

    You are presenting a distorted account of Miller’s philosophy. You’re too cowardly to thoroughly investigate Truth. Nice ‘stills’ of Aj’s face. If you gave a video since you are human, there would be similar unattractive faces you would make as well.

    • Marnie Tunay says:

      “You are presenting a distorted account of Miller’s philosophy.” I presented Miller’s own words in his own videos. And that’s all I’ve presented of Alan John Miller’s ‘philosophy.’ “You’re too cowardly to thoroughly investigate Truth.” “What did the Bible say about judging others?” Uhhumm that it’s okay for you to do it but not for me?? lol Hey, thanks for stopping by, though, and giving feedback.

  2. Shannon says:

    By SoulBodyPlanet’s logic, the Biblical writers would have been guilty of “judging.” In particular I am thinking of Paul in Gal. 1:8 who warns his readers that if anyone preaches a gospel to them different than the one that he preached he is “accursed.” In order to arrive at the conclusion that someone is preaching a different gospel their words would first have to be examined to see if they lined up with what Paul and the apostles preached. This is a process of judgment, not of people but of doctrine. In addition Luke comments on the Bereans who heard Paul’s preaching and rejoiced greatly then studied the scriptures to see if his message was in line. Luke refers to them as “noble.” The problem is not in examining someone’s doctrine or ministry, we are instructed to do so.

  3. Stevie says:

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  4. meriti4x says:

    Anyone claiming deity and absolute true source to God is to be questioned. Many false prophets will come and go, and going by the cult leaders background he is well versed in the brainwashing techniques used by the Jehovah Witnesses. My interest in this group sparked when an old boyfriend from many years ago John Kreppold (labelled the Apostle John) was stabbed to death by a jilted ex lover another ex Jehovah Witness. I think the watchtower has plenty to explain….

    • Marnie Tunay says:

      I don’t know the story of your unfortunate ex-boyfriend, but I agree with your general comments concerning deity and the claim of absolute truth. I wish all people could understand that there is no such thing as a perfect human being or a perfect ‘sacred’ book. Perfection is an attribute of the Divine, and to claim it for ourselves or our chosen prophets leads to all kinds of evils.

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